Modern and Custom commercial floor mats for Hotels

Hotels vary, with different rooms that are used to different purposes. So, they require various types flooring mats. Pick the appropriate floor mat to make an impact. Benefits can vary from increased productivity of employees, to improved sanitation and improved customer service.

You can pick commercially-branded mats for your floors because they can be used in a variety of ways. Floor mats are designed to prevent dirt, debris and moisture from getting into your hotel by effectively scraping and cleaning shoes’ soles.

The choice of this option is also a way of the possibility of reducing falling and slipping inside the building. They also look stunning and create a lasting impression in the mind of any viewer. Ultimate Mat supplier offers custom logo floor mats that do double duty . First they safeguard the place and promotes brand the logo and brand.

Modern floor mats for your hotel that you can personalize

Wet floor mats

The outdoor or indoor swimming areas are usually damp. So extra care should be taken to protect guests from falls and slips when going into or out of the pool. Wet floor mats can be slipped over and their top surface is water-resistant. Wet mats are available with drainage holes, which are the ideal choice to areas that are splashed by water like laundry rooms in commercial areas, or even in the spa area.

Scraper mats

Scraper mats are made of tough fiber that can take the brunt of foot traffic. A majority of the dirt and mud stuck to shoes is removed. The back is constructed of tough material that is able to withstand the harsh outdoor conditions without chance of becoming brittle, curly or breaking. You can customize them with your logo and name of the hotel to increase brand recognition.

Mats with abrasion resistance

The kitchens in hotels are exposed to oilsy substances, which the mats made of water are not able to take on. Grease-resistant mats are resistant to slip and absorbent to oil. Since oil spills are concentrated in one area and the rest of the area is protected from getting soiled.

Classic mats for logos

Logo mats are made of HD quality images that give the floor with an appealing aesthetic. The design and dimensions of images can be changed. In addition, logos can send a unique message to guests. Put floor mats with logos in the lounge of the hotel.

Green mats

The hospitality industry was one of the first industry to embrace sustainable cleaning products and methods of cleaning. This is why they are major purchasers of sustainable mats, or ones made of recycled materials. The green logo mats at your hotel is a sign to guests of your dedication to the environmental.

It’s more than a mat for the floor and a chance to make a difference!

Initial impressions are lasting and so make use of your WaterHog™ Drainable Border Outdoor Mats. The floor can play a significant part in effective advertising since when entering the restaurant, guests are conditioned to glance at the surroundings and be careful when walking on the flooring. Thus, you could put the appropriate message for your brand to draw attention of customers positive. Make sure you choose the most effective logo mat manufacturer for matting as it can represent your company!

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