What Can You Do To Prevent IT Security Lapses

IT professionals face the problem of lost records and they don’t find ways of getting the records back which leads to loss of money and budgets are reshuffled with improvement in application security. Globalization has led to increasing the flow of data both in the corporate networks and the network has been home to so many unprecedented attacks on the IT infrastructure.

Enhalo deals with providing cyber security solutions to both large and small companies for preventing and protecting data and security in the business. It is the culture of innovation and business enabling to look at the business opportunities and security risks.

As the innovation in the IT sector is getting fragile, many countermeasures have been adopted for helping with the threats and helping IT security do their job well. With a focus on the hardware and software components, IT security lapses can be prevented to a great extent.

  • The Post A Note and Grab formula

Large IT companies are always dealing with the churning of new computers just like assembly lines and this seems to be endless arrival of the new choices working with IDs and passwords given. Simply writing down of IDs and passwords can lead to unauthorized access to data.

Make sure that the IT professionals don’t go ahead by accessing the credentials and there must be a procedure to be safe dealing with the IDs and passwords on the user’s hands.

  • Hack of the human

Phishing of emails is common among humans showing the interests of the employees for sharing of information and how they gently refuse to the same with a nice “no”. Human interactions should be avoided while linking with the IT force. The solution is persistent training for a finding of potential hazards and risks.

Every employee should be getting this information as part of the onboarding process and also to the regular freshers. All the customers facing the employees are required to take special attention.

  • Freedom doesn’t come for free

With Open Wi-Fi everywhere, it might come free but there is a price to that as well. Hackers get easy access to the unauthorized points making it easy for them to see your web browsers, emails, or any of your personal information. All the employees must use paid services for making them universally reimbursable.

The IT security team should also check on the part that can be used by the employees and the networks that cannot be used. Companies provide the kits or any information piece using the information provided.

  • Blind trust is not good at all

Companies have to trust their employees but blind trust is not good at all when it is all about IT security. A single route can lead to a massive breach of data. There can be employees looking for access to sensitive data. IT security must departmentalize everything well.


No matter how well advanced the IT security team is, there can be failures and lapses that are needed to be handled with care.

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