Google AdWords Strategies For Higher Education Institutes

Universities are always looking for a competitive edge in terms of recruitment. The more applications a college receives, the more selective they become of choosing candidates for future jobs and attracting another generation of students.

Aiad is a Google Ads Agency Sydney for helping universities in forming ways for higher education. It provides AdWords management to all big and small businesses in Australia. Many businesses trust AIA for extracting maximum value and achieving the highest ROI. Some of the ways of improving digital advertising using Google AdWords:

  • Using Long Keywords

Long-tail keywords are specifically used for attracting higher traffic. They help in defining the search terms using inexpensive PPC as people placing bids on these long keywords are less. Long keywords are going to draw more attention and traffic letting people know about their search item properly.

  • Providing organic content

The website of the university needs to be updated regularly for providing all kinds of helpful resources. For content marketing, blogging, SEO and social media play an important part. Most people are always in search for organic and relevant content. They do not try looking for paid ads all the time. Cover all bases before providing such content.

  • Managing accounts

The campaign needs to be run using a knowledgeable accountant for checking the same regularly. Most of these accounts are not checked thoroughly making companies invest more in unqualified traffic. This way, they are left behind in the race. Your campaigns need frequent changes for success and better usage.

  • The building of good landing pages

All websites must come with appealing landing pages for providing a quick introduction to the universities. You can add in some CTA for adding bounce to the landing pages and increasing the conversion rates.

You can prefer CTAs like following Twitter accounts, signing up for an e-mail newsletter, or having a chat with any university representative. The landing page needs to be focused and specific on the content the website is trying to provide to all its users.

  • Supporting of claim

With little content of your landing page and providing a brief opportunity to students, it becomes important in conveying the right focus to all the prospective students trying to reach out to the universities. Try giving details about why your university is the best and students must try coming to your university.

Some supporting materials help in providing claims like:

  1. White papers, articles
  2. PowerPoint presentations
  3. Benefit statements
  4. Testimonials of students, etc.


Using Negative keywords

Negative keywords help bring out the keywords not driving maximum traffic to the website. With the negative keyword filtration, you will get only the ones necessary for getting more traffic from students. This is beneficial for job hunters as well.


Google AdWords is becoming popular for keeping educational institutions in top positions. If you are new to AdWords, first try learning the techniques and strategies of using the same. This helps in providing useful content every single time.

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