Design Work Floor With Combination Of Natural And Artificial Light For the Better Efficiency

Light is life, especially if you consider the working place the correct amount of lighting is very vital. The light energizes our body and allows us to progress. The efficiency of a person in an office environment mainly depends on the quality of light he or she is exposed to. Brighter the workplace happier are the working people.

As per some workplace standards, there should be an ample amount of brightness with specified Lux value. Anything below the specified brilliance will put a lot of strain on the workers’ eyes and can lead to reduced performance. With the help of Sofary lighting, you will be able to set the workplace meeting the entire standards requirement.

With Sofary, the staff will be able to avoid any inconvenience in the form of headaches or strained eyes. So, select the right light fixtures. There are lots of variants to choose from. Appropriate light fixtures also bring aesthetic improvements in the workplace ambiance. Some of the major benefits of installing proper lighting are:

  • Nowadays there are lots of energy-saving lights available, which allow users to save lots on their electricity bills
  • You may choose the light fixture types based on the room wall and ceiling colors, which will again save the number of lightings required.
  • The factors to consider while choosing a proper lighting fixture is the natural brightness available in the room. It is better to allow ample natural light inside to avoid unnecessary illumination
  • Make sure you use only the low power consumption and high light-emitting bulbs to avoid maintenance cost

Please ensure that before selecting the lighting, a thorough audit gets conducted for the workplace. It will avoid the installation of lights in the least important places. For example, the passage may require less brightness and the areas where reading and writing works get done will need high luminous lights.

The zones where aged people move a lot need brighter lighting, while the rooms where computers and laptops are used will need installation of low bright lights. Apart from this, individuals prefer different settings therefore need-based lighting would be ideal.

There have been many types of research on the effect of brightness on human behavior and their well-being. The productivity and quality of work also depend on the quality of lighting to which the employees are exposed.

In some researches, it is mentioned that employees who are exposed more to the natural lighting will deliver higher performance than the ones exposed to artificial lighting. Thus, it is practical to design the floor plan allowing the maximum amount of natural daylight. There are many ways to design the floor to allow natural light.

If you are not in a position to allow maximum natural light in the room, then you may opt for the combination of both natural and artificial lighting. You can make the windows as primary sources of lighting supply and then add artificial lighting to balance the total illumination requirements of the floor.

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