Importance of Face Masks in The Battle Against COVID-19 – Why and How

Wearing face mask became mandatory in many countries including America due to the outbreak of pandemic coronavirus. Experts are suggesting public to maintain few safety precautions like staying at home, maintaining social distance, using mask to cover face when visiting public places, etc.

Even though, many people are using home-made face masks, they can just prevent from spreading virus to others not from getting it. To protect yourself from the deadly disease, you have to make use of masks that protect you from inhaling airborne virus particles.

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The following is some information that helps you to understand why you need to wear a face mask when you visit outside.

Role of masks in controlling the virus

According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), asymptomatic individuals who don’t have symptoms and pre-symptomatic who develop symptoms, both can spread virus to the other people before exhibiting symptoms. That is, COVID-19 can spread to others when someone comes in contact with those individuals like sneezing, coughing, or talking.

According to chief medical officer, Dr. Subinoy Das masks are one of the main reasons for better control of virus in countries like Japan, South Korea, China, and others.

So, it is clear that everyone should wear mask while visiting public places, especially pharmacies, grocery stores, and other crowded areas.

Protect yourself and others with a mask

Mostly, people are infecting others unknowingly by going outside and spreading disease causing germs through a touch or cough. A mask acts as a barrier and protects you as well as others from bacterial or virus particles. This is not only a precaution against the virus but also courtesy towards others and yourself as well.

Reasons to wear a mask

  • Reduces oral/fecal transmission of virus by getting into mouth or nose
  • Reduces 95% breathing that carry virus about 6 feet distance within the room

Respiratory masks and cloth masks

N95 face masks that are worn by healthcare professionals who treat coronavirus patients are real respirators. These masks will seal your mouth and nose and filters inhaling exhaling air.

When you exhale air, cloth mask captures the virus-containing droplets or moistures. With this, the virus remains inside the mask and will not spread in environment, but Respirator masks will protect you from environment and prevents transmission of germs to others.

In case you are using cloth mask you have to wash your hands properly before touching it and wash it thoroughly often.

Without a tight sealing, not any material-made masks can able to provide effective protection for you against the virus. Moreover, you have to choose a comfortable mask to make required adjustments to reduce the contamination risk.

Choose the best vendor who sells good quality face masks and order today for you, your family and friends. Follow safety precautions as much as possible to stay safe.

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