Purchase Reusable Tote Bags for Your Store After Taking into Account Customer Preferences

Plastic bags have been around for years. They have a negative impact on the environment. Apart from taking 100s of years to recycle, they pollute the land, water (causing death of marine animals) and affect humans. This has triggered nation-wide plastic ban in many countries. Stores have started turning to eco-friendly alternative for plastic bags.

The rise of reusable tote bags:

Reusable totes have made their appearance in departmental stores, food service, beverage industry, garment industry and many other industries. If your store still charges few cents for plastic bags and encourages, ‘Bring Your Own Bag’ campaign, it is high time to consider purchasing reusable totes.

Tote bags would cost you more than plastic ones but by employing the right combination of strategies, you can use these tote bags to shoot your sales. Generally, many storeowners resort to paper bags since they find it to be budget-friendly. If you are part of winery industry, custom printed wine totes would prove beneficial to your business in the long run.

Purchase high-quality totes:

Pay importance to quality over price. When you good quality bags to carry your customers to carry products, it creates a good reputation for your business. Custom Earth Promos is one of best wholesale sellers of reusable bags. Check out their website and browse through their attractive designs. They offer high quality customizable bags at low prices and do prompt delivery.

Why customers love the idea of tote bags?

Tote bags are stylish and attractive. They are more like a personal accessory than just a functional bag to carry goodies. It is comfortable, durable and people can reuse it n number of times for other purposes. Neither will they toss it away after a one-time purchase or use it only when they revisit your store.

Some may consider non-women bags as another viable option. They are thin, aren’t too durable and not attractive. People are less likely to use it often. Why not give your customers giving something they love?

Tips to choose the right tote bag:

  • Keep the best interests of your audience in mind: The bag you give away to your customers must be functional for them. Begin by defining your target audience. Shortlist your options depending on your customer base’s age/gender, income profile, vehicle profile 9walking or car or truck), opinions, interests, personality, lifestyle etc.
  • Figure why your customer base would choose to pay extra bucks for your tote: Could it be the price? Could it be the style/design of the bag? Do they find the bag caption aligning with their interests?
  • Customer preference regarding bag-features: Would they like small bags to carry to work or larger ones?
  • Get feedback from customers: Rather than wondering what is expected of you, ask clients about their tote bag preferences. This makes the guessing work easier

Purchase a couple of designs of tote bags. Give your customers a choice between them. You have happy customers and you end up establishing your brand more firmly now. It is a clear win.

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