Mini Supercell, It’s been nice knowing you…Neighbour

neighbor mini supercell

Supercell? Oh WHAT THE HELL!

Supercell hangs terrifyingly low over the neighbours house. It’s been nice knowing you, Neighbour!

All joking aside though, what would you do if you saw something like this when looking out the window? I’d personally run for it! Who wouldn’t’ right? I mean, you know what these things are capable of turning into a tornado, so why hang around?

The majority of supercells fall in the “classic” category. These have large, flat updraft bases, generally has a wall cloud with it, striations or banding can been seen around the periphery of the updraft, heavy precipitation falls adjacent to the updraft with large hail likely, and have the potential for strong, long-lived tornadoes.

If you’ve never seen a supercell before, here are some pictures to float your boat.

neighbor mini supercell 6

Nebraska Sand Hills Monster Supercell Storm

Lightning and Thunderstorm Supercell

neighbor mini supercell 3

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