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Coca Cola Creates a Park from Nothing. Let the Happiness Run Wild

Coca Cola Creates a Park, Happiness Ensues

Coca Cola never fail to dissapoint

Think Summer is over? Not yet! Coca-Cola wants to brighten your day by Rolling Out Happiness. Watch as the Coca-Cola truck creates an instant park in an otherwise gray city square. Simply take off your shoes and open happiness for another way to brighten a gray day. Join Coca-Cola as we brighten gray days in cities across the world.

This should appease all you No Logo types concerned about corporate America impinging on the public square.

Coca-Cola rolled out the green carpet — actually, Astroturf — on a grey public square in Vilnius, Lithuania. The slab of concrete had been unused and grim, but — voila! — it’s amazing what simulated grass can do.


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