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Astronaut Takes a Picture Onboard the ISS, Unbelievable

NASA just put a very nice camera on the ISS, and it takes very nice pictures

ISS’s new camera is unbelievable, it is however a new DSLR that an astronaut took to space!

There’s a lot of confusion going around that the ISS has new cameras, it doesn’t. What you should know is that an astronaut recently took a very high powered DSLR camera to the International Space Station and took the picture you see above.

Here’s what Nasa had to say:

“One of the Expedition 39 crew members aboard the International Space Station on March 29 used a 14mm lens on a digital still camera to photograph this pre-winter storm located just off the coast of southwestern Australia. A solar array panel on the orbital outpost is in the left side of the frame.”

HI-RES [3002×1994]


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