Prankster Drops iMacs in Front of Horrified Mall Shoppers

Prankster Breaks iMAC

Prankster drops Apple products in front of entire shopping centre

Ever wanted to own a Apple iMac? So do I. But this prankster thought it would be funny to take an empty box to the shopping centre filled with glass and pretend to drop it! These unsuspecting shoppers are horrified as they watch the very price Apple Mac fall to the ground, let’s face it…they’re not cheap.

Joulethief,, is ready for another round of dropping brand new iMacs on the ground, down stairs, and off mall balconies. What would you do if someone dropped their Mac in front of you? Let us know in the comments below.

Prankster – JouleThief
Camera 1 – Mykee Del Mundo
Camera 2 – Ian Start
Editor – JouleThief


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