Girl Band Try to Sing Whilst Having an Orgasm

dutch band ADAM try to sing whilst having an orgasm

Dutch Girl band ADAM trying to sing whilst having an orgasm might be their most ‘out there’ music video yet!

For their single Go To Go, the members of ADAM decided to perform the song while having orgasms and capture the moment on camera.

Using a vibrator, three of the ADAM ladies (there are five in the band) do their very best to keep a straight face – for the first half of the song at least.

However, by the end of the clip all that can be heard is whimpering through the sheepish grins.

It’s a weird idea that’s oddly fun to watch – and one that’s bound to help the single stick in the mind. For whatever reason.

Dutch girl band ADAM consists of five Dutch vocalists. They write, sing and perform catchy songs that don’t hesitate to proclaim opinions. Besides sexy, they dare to be ourselves!


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