Catvengers Are Purrrrfect

Cats as Avengers, Catvengers - Lokitty, Loki

Catvengers are incredible, just look below!

Catvengers are the new internet craze, well, they should be. Feast your eyes on the likes of LoKitty (Loki), Captain Americat…I don’t need to explain that one, and many more.

Personally I’d rather be slayed by an incredibly cute cat or kitten dressed as Iron Man than actually Iron Man. Perhaps that’s just my weird dream but I can think of worse ways to go.

Let’s get started shall we?

1. Thor Kitty

Catvengers - Thor Kitty

2. Spidey Cat

Catvengers - Spidey Cat Web

3. LoKitty

Catvengers - LoKitty

4. Iron Cat

Iron Cat

5. HulkKitty

Hulk Kitty

6. Hawkeye

Hawk Eye

7. Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon

8. Captain Americat

Captain Americat

9. Black Widow

Black Widow

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