Global Gathering 2013 – My experience

So it’s a normal Thursday at work, just getting on with my projects when all of a sudden I see an email pop up from the head of marketing for Lucozade.

My curiosity prompted me to click on it, only to find out that there were some “spare tickets available to Global Gathering 2013 this weekend, if you’d like some, email me back. First come first serve.”

I quickly replied to the email saying I wanted them, and I’m going to be honest, I didn’t really think i’d get them. Low and behold, a couple hours later, I find out I’ve won two tickets for free. Result.

I won these tickets on Thursday, only a day before the event.
I won these tickets on Thursday, only a day before the event.

The drive from my town to the festival was only 85 miles. An hour and a half on the M40 with no traffic is always a relief that’s for sure.

Arriving there was painless, parking straight forward BUT we did arrive on the Saturday after the music had started, so this could have played a big factor in the “straight forwardness” of getting into the site. *grin*

After parking up, and noticing a car full of guys smoking weed and getting drunk. We walked up to the main gates, and by this time….I needed the toilet. That dreaded moment when you’re too scared to step inside the what should-be disgusting, shit filled, piss reeking toilet. But guess what, it was actually quite clean, and had a fresh scent too…colour me intrigued indeed.

Arriving at the festival
Arriving at the festival

The air wasn’t really air upon getting inside the venue, it was a concoction of weed, cigarette smoke, Indian food, kebabs, chicken and beer. I wonder if anyone will make a perfume for this, it’s golden!

Strolled around the entire campsite visiting all the tents, dance, trance, house, main-stage and the most talked about tent at the whole event, Hospitality. Boasting a statue glorifying just how much awesomeness was to be had inside the tent.

Before walking into the tent, and to help people what tent it is....ofc!
Before walking into the tent, and to help people what tent it is….ofc!

People were clearly hungover from Friday night in this tent, but the music sounded absolutely beast. Reminded me of the Valve sound system at Ministry of Sound by Dillinja and Lemon D.

A little bit quiet at first
A little bit quiet at first (Cyantific on stage)

….but with time, people slowly get back on their feet and the raves began.

NU:Logic set
NU:Logic set

Managed to catch NU:Logic, Cyantific and Metrik in the tent during my time there.

I later ventured to the main stage to catch Delilah performing a number of songs interlaced with old school jungle music. That’s always a good thing in my books.

Next up on the main stage was Netsky…this was really the highlight of the event for me. The MC working the crowd perfectly and all the drops were just amazing. Not to mention that people were flinging their half-full drinks across the crowd, along with blown up condoms that people were bouncing around.

There was even a guy in a rubber dingy boat being held up. That guy sank fast when people stopped holding him up!

Netsky Live / Global Gathering 2013

After that mind blowing performance, KATY B was up, she made the crowds go wild too.

Katy B Live / Global Gathering 2013
Katy B Live / Global Gathering 2013

I missed some of the hospitality guys like London Elektricity and Danny Byrd unfortunately as I decided it was time to go back to London. The one beer I had started to fade, and quite frankly driving down to be designated driver felt like a bad choice because I really wanted to settle into a groove and get a little tipsy. BUT NEVERMIND……life goes on.

I end the day at Wagamama with some GYOZA before heading back to lay my head and watch a film.

Wagamama GYOZA, delicious.
Wagamama GYOZA, delicious.


Would I go again? YES, Going 2014 – Camping this time.

Did I dare take a number 2 at the event? YES, I dared and succeeded.

Parking was alright? It was indeed, swift like Taylor Swift’s love life.

Do you have to walk a mile to get water? : Nope, everything is really well connected, 2 minutes and you’re at a toilet, or water point.

Everything was really well setup by GG, and I cannot wait for next year. I feel like this is the beginning of many more festivals to come in the near future.

I almost gave up my tickets to someone else, glad I didn’t.


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