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South African elephant stomps car at National Park

The elephant, which had a history of aggression, was later put down by authorities — which has angered some animal rights activists.

Elephant put down in Kruger national park south africa 3

They wanted a little time in nature. They got an elephant-sized problem.
New footage shows an enraged elephant flip over a car and trample on it — as terrified tourists cower, trapped inside.

A British teacher and her fiancé nearly died while celebrating their engagement with an adventurous safari at Kruger National Park in South Africa.

A terrifying tusk struck Sarah Brooks, of Lincolnshire, U.K., goring the back of her upper thigh. Her soon-to-be husband Jans de Klerk suffered minor injuries, reported

Elephant put down in Kruger national park south africa 2

Before the attack, the daring couple inches closer to the wild animal with their teeny blue Volkswagen the modern-day mammoth.
Someone in the car behind Brooks’ had a camera to capture the beauty of South African wildlife.

The cameraperson, who wished to stay anonymous, told News24 of South Africa that the elephant was giving off clear warning signs of feeling agitated: ear flaps and mock charges.

Elephant put down in Kruger national park south africa


The camera was rolling when the elephant raged, for the last time.

Kruger National Park killed the elephant after learning of the incident to prevent it from harming any more humans. This action incited the ire of animal rights activists over social media.

Park spokesman William Mabasa defended the decision by pointing out that the animal had shown a history of aggression, according to News24.

“Our rangers reported that the same elephant bull had been involved in previous fights with other dominant bulls since it has been in musth phase,” he said.

A male elephant’s musth phase is characterized by heightened testosterone and aggression.

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