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12 reasons to visit McDonald’s in Europe, not the UK

Visit McDonald's Abroad, not the UK

If you live in the UK, heading to McDonald’s is not the most exciting of dinner choices.

But head overseas, and you’ll find that dining out at the famous fast food chain is a pretty thrilling experience.

Here’s why…

1. Some international McDonald’s restaurants look like this.

This McDonald’s, housed in a beautiful old house, is located in Bergen, Norway.


Image: Imgur, ponyprincess

2. McDonald’s serves beer in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and other locations across Europe.

Image: Imgur, Cesarmania

3. Until 2011, Israeli McDonald’s patrons could sink their teeth into this tasty chickpea treat.

Image: Imgur, icwetoddidpeople

4. You can purchase this behemoth-sized order of fries called the “Mega Potato” in Japan.

Image: Imgur, solaemisae

5. Chinese McDonald’s restaurants carry pineapple pie rather than apple pie.

Image: Imgur, pileophish

6. The chicken version of the McDonald’s classic is available in Pakistan.

Image: Imgur, dmtry

7. India’s menu featured varied selections you’d never find in a U.S. McDonald’s.

Image: Imgur, PaperHero

8. The Shaka Shaka Chicken is essentially the Singaporean fast-food version of Shake and Bake.

Just dump the contents of the spice pack on your chicken patty, seal the wax bag and shake to your heart’s delight.


Image: Imgur, thepsichotic

9. One word: Poutine.

This cheesy, gravy-covered french fry dish is served in Canada.


Image: Flickr, jczart

10. In France, you can purchase delicate macarons alongside your Big Mac.

Image: Flickr, HockeyholicAZ

11. The European version of McCafe is like that of a real coffee shop.

You can actually sit in and enjoy a drink, rather than just existing as a line of drinks, as it does in the U.S.


Image: Flickr, jluster

12. The EBI Filet-O featured a deep-fried shrimp patty you could only purchase in Japan.

Image: Flickr, telepathicparanoia
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