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10 Cool Cooking Lifehacks

Some tips on cooking that’ll blow your mind.

1. Remove Fats


If you drop a couple of ice cubes into a soup/stew/casserole , you’ll soon see easily scoopable fat globules. This is because the fat starts to congeal in the colder area you have created..

2. Pre-Scoop Ice Cream


Portion out ice-cream or other frozen sweets before your meal into a muffin pan then stick it back in the freezer. This way you don’t have to wait for the dessert to soften before you can scoop and make guests wait.

3. Prevent Over-Boiling

wooden spoon

If you rest a wooden spoon across a pan of boiling water it stops it from boiling over.

4. Freeze Your Scraps


Freeze leftover wine, stock and fresh herbs in ice-cube trays. This saves waste and makes for tasty chunks of thrifty, frozen goodness to melt into future meals.

5. Drip-Free Stirring

Drip Free Stirring

To save your countertops from sticky mess, tuck your sauce spoon into the hole in the handle of your saucepan. This way it will drip neatly into the pot when you’re not stirring.

6. Stay Fresh


A hinged clothes peg makes a good impromtu bag fastener to keep things fresh.

7. The Perfect Ginger Peel


Peel ginger root with a teaspoon. The flat edge is more than sharp enough to rub the thin skin off and it’s less wasteful than a knife or peeler.

8. Replace Ice Cubes With Frozen Fruit

frozen fruit

Use frozen fruit to chill drinks. Grapes work well in white wine and strawberries are great with fizz. This makes for a less watery drink with a sweet treat at the end.

9. Get Rid of Egg Shell


If you get shell fragments in a broken egg, use a cracked shell half to scoop them out — it’s much more efficient than using your finger.

NB. There is a small salmonella risk in letting eggshell touch raw food.

10. Personalized Steaks

steak perfection

Finally, if you learn the simple finger/hand test for cooking steak to perfection, you’ll always be able to deliver a fillet cooked correctly to anyone’s personal preference.

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