What a Space Shuttle Launch at Night Looks Like

space shuttle launch at night 3

Launch at night is just breath-taking

If you’re wondering, yes this is a long-exposure photograph of a space shuttle launch, but MAN that’s beautiful!

Here are a couple more photographs for you to feast your eyes on! For hi-res, just click the image.

space shuttle launch at night 2

The brilliant light emitted by the two solid rocket boosters will be visible for the first 2 minutes and 4 seconds of the launch out to a radius of some 520 statute miles

space shuttle launch at night 1

After the solid rocket boosters are jettisoned, a shuttle will be visible for most locations by virtue of the light emanating from its three main engines.

It should appear as a very bright, pulsating, fast-moving star, shining with a yellowish-orange glow. Based on previous night missions, the brightness should be at least equal to magnitude -2; rivalling Sirius, the brightest star in brilliance.

space shuttle launch at night

Observers who train binoculars on the shuttle should be able to see its tiny V-shaped contrail.

A more recent photograph of a launch is going viral as we speak, but because the quality wasn’t that great I couldn’t post it here – Source

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