Bet you’ve never seen clouds like this before

undulatus asperatus 1

Undulatus Asperatus, that’s what they’re calling it.

The clouds appear in heavy skies with a rolling pattern that inspired his choice of name for them – it translates loosely as “roughened waves”.

In 2006, Jane Wiggins of Cedar Rapids, Iowa saw the striking cloud formation and took a photograph. Her photo went viral and since then, people around the world have been snapping pictures of the clouds whenever they saw it.

But Gavin is quick to point out this is not a new type of cloud, far from it.

undulatus asperatus 2

“They’re not new clouds, the clouds could well have been around for a long time in ways that are not related to climate change.”

What has changed is that today more people are carrying cameras and are able to share them with each other on the internet.

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