Zheng Chunhui, the Worlds Largest Wooden Sculpture

Festival_Qingming_Zheng_Chunhui-amazing-wood-sculpture 4

Sculpture’s like this really do make your jaw drop.

China has a long tradition of wooden sculptures. For centuries they are transforming pieces of raw wood into works of inspiring art, but none as impressive as the sheer creation of Zheng Chunhui.

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Festival_Qingming_Zheng_Chunhui-amazing-wood-sculpture 5

Festival_Qingming_Zheng_Chunhui-amazing-wood-sculpture 4

Festival_Qingming_Zheng_Chunhui-amazing-wood-sculpture 2

This talented Chinese artist spent the last four years meticulously carving a detailed replica of a famous traditional Chinese painting called ” Along the River during the Qingming Festival ” in the trunk of a little over 12 feet long tree.

Festival_Qingming_Zheng_Chunhui-amazing-wood-sculpture 1

The breathtaking beauty of his work simply can’t be expressed in words, you must see for yourself . As you can imagine, Zheng Chunhui needed a mountain of patience to complete his masterpiece of wood that displays boats, bridges, buildings and more than 550 people individually carved. Impressive!

Festival_Qingming_Zheng_Chunhui-amazing-wood-sculpture 3

The Chinese artist was also honored by the Guinness Book with the new world record for the longest wood carving , measuring 12.286 meters of long, 3.075 meters in height and 2.401 m width.

Festival_Qingming_Zheng_Chunhui-amazing-wood-sculpture 6

When we hear of ” masterpiece” , this is just the kind of creation that deserves such title. Zheng Chunhui definitely deserves all the attention.

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