Hydrophobic Coating and Stencils Make Art That Only Shows Up When It Rains

super-hydrophobic coating and stencils to make art that only shows up when it rains

Hydrophobic awesomeness

Fresh from the depths of Reddit, user icreatenovelty posted this rather wonderful picture where they’ve used Super-Hydrophobic coating and stencils to create art that only shows when it’s raining.

How cool is that! I knew you’d like it.

So how does it work?

Superhydrophobic surfaces are highly hydrophobic, i.e., extremely difficult to wet. The contact angles of a water droplet exceeds 150° and the roll-off angle/contact angle hysteresis is less than 10°. This is also referred to as the Lotus effect, after the superhydrophobic leaves of the lotus plant.

Cutting a water droplet using a superhydrophobic knife on superhydrophobic surfaces.


hi-res [2448×1836]

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