Hyper realistic pencil drawings, things just got real…

Hyper Realism Pencil Drawings with Colour Pencils 3

Hyper realistic pencil drawings are just insane

And you thought you could draw well? Think again!

These are known as Hyper-Realism drawings with coloured pencils. I can’t comment on how long this must’ve taken, but surely it took a couple days per piece? Regardless of how long they took, the detail is simply breathtaking.

1. This guy either wants to eat you, or kill you. You decide.

Hyper Realism with drawing pencils 1


2. She certainly doesn’t want to kill you, but perhaps poison you in your sleep after a nice massage.

Hyper Realism with Colour Pencils 2


3. This cat looks incredible, don’t you think?

Hyper Realism with Colour Pencils 3


4. Probably my favourite drawing of them all, just look at the detail!

Hyper Realism with Colour Pencils 4


5. This could easily be a movie poster.

Hyper Realism with Colour Pencils 5


6. Fiery, sexy and simply hot.

Hyper Realism with Colour Pencils 6

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Source – Courtesy of Christina Papagianni

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