Incredibly Realistic CG Render of Robert DeNiro

Incredibly Realistic CG Render of Robert DeNiro

CG Render of Rober DeNiro

A stupidly realistic CG render of Robert DeNiro by zbrush wizard Hossein Diba.

HI-RES 1715×1807

Pretty amazing right? Well when you see things like this it really does make you question how many things in movies are actually real.

It’s quite a legitimate question if you ask me. Who’s to say that in a few years, with permission we would create films purely from CGI that’s so incredibly realistic you wouldn’t even need actor’s any more, as they’d be ageless.

But that wouldn’t be very productive as it would take years and definitely cost more than just hiring the actual actor/actress to be in the movie.

Here are a couple more shots from the portfolio of Hossein Diba.

Incredibly Realistic CG of Robert DeNiro 6

Incredibly Realistic CG Render of Robert DeNiro 5

Incredibly Realistic CG of Robert DeNiro 4

Incredibly Realistic CG of Robert DeNiro 3

Incredibly Realistic CG Graphic of Robert DeNiro 2

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