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Cammy cosplay will make you hot under the collar

Cammy Cosplay - Street Fighter

Cammy Cosplay is probably the largest request from gamers in relationships. Or is it just me?

Cammy Cosplay for Street Fighter is hot hot hot!

Street fighter is a an all-time classic when it comes to the fighting game industry and it’s not uncommon for avid gamers to sometimes think…

Oh, I wish my girlfriend would dress up like Chun-Li
– said every guy ever

Trust me, it’s a common occurrence but it’s not always chun-li, sometimes it can be Cammy or perhaps Poison (pictured below). Anyway, let’s jump straight into the good stuff. Here’s our best picks for Street Fighter Cosplay in 2016.

1. Poison – HOT DAMN!

Just crouching here like normal, totally normal.

2. Cammy – Absolutely spot on!

Maria Sharapova?
That's a nice bridge

3. C.Viper – Ready for action

Come at me bro!

4. Ibuki – such an evil stare, I’ll forgive you

She can vortex me any day

5. Chun-Li – the classic, you’re also very lucky if this has happened to you

Must be thinking about how to beat M.Bison

There are so many more but those were the best 5 we could locate.

If you have any to share, please post them in the comments below! What’s next? Tekken?

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