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Scuba Diving with a Great White Shark

scuba diver with a great white shark

Shark free-diving…nope. Not even in a cage.

Free-diving with a great white is really asking for trouble. I mean, would you do this? I would personally prefer free-diving with a goldfish, you know? Those cute little golden fish that CAN’T EAT YOU!

Anyways, if the thought of being in a solid metal cage and seeing a shark is your worst nightmare, think again. Some people in this world think it’s a good idea to free-dive with a shark.

That’s enough of a rant from me, let’s take a look some of these nutcases who risk their lives to swim with a great white.

Swimming with Sharks
Is she nuts?
Again…is she nuts?????? I think so!

Let us know in the comments below.

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