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If Animals Had No Necks, This is What They’d Look Like

giraffe without a neck 1

Animals without necks are weird….

The internet consistently amuses us with whatever random idea becomes a meme. It’s just so inconsistent and bizarre.

There’s Old Money Dog, Tumblr’s obsession with Jon Hamm’s dick, and Pretty Girls, Ugly Faces to name a few. Still, this has to be one of our favorites just because it takes some skill to do the necessary photoshop surgery required to pull one of these off.

Velociraptor – Not that scary any more

velociraptor without a neck

Duck – herro!

duck with no neck

Gerenuk – Whatchu lookin at

gerenuk without a neck

Tigers – Just wrong

tigers without necks

Kangaroo – Boing boing

tigers without necks

Scared kitten with Dog – hahahaha!

cat and dog without necks

T-Rex – Can finally eat with it’s hands

t-rex with no neck

Wild Wolf – Just searching for prey…

wild wolf with no neck

Horse – No neck, still fabulous

horse with no neck

Giraffes – No necks = no food for these poor creatures

giraffe with no neck

Dog (Puppy) – Who wants to catch a ball? Me me!

puppy without a neck

More Giraffes that’ll starve

giraffe without a neck 1

Zebra – Why is this so great?

zebras without a neck

Dog – Oh how I miss necks now

dog without a neck

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